Is It Worth It To Pay More For A Plumber That Uses Technological Advancements?

If you are a homeowner and you have been told by a contractor that provides plumbing services that you have a major plumbing problem, then you may be seeking a second opinion. Not only can major plumbing repairs be expensive, but the necessity to dig up the entire yard can leave an unsightly mess. However, new technology has enabled plumbing experts to use a camera attached to a snake to fix the problem, totally preventing the need to dig up the yard. [Read More]

Dodge Remodeling Dangers: Know These 5 Common Asbestos Hiding Places

Asbestos is a known cause of pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer, and even has its very own lung disease named asbestosis. There is massive awareness about asbestos dangers in the United States because of its widespread use in building materials, particularly in homes built before 1970. What you might not know is that most older homes still have a lot of asbestos in them, and that you could be surrounded by it every day. [Read More]

Choosing The Right Paint For Your Wooden Fence

If you are wanting to paint the wood fence surrounding your home, you will want to know how you can do it so that you get it done successfully. The first step to getting the fence painted properly is to buy the right paint. Here's what you need to know about the types of paint that are available to you and which are and aren't best for painting your wood fence: [Read More]